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Dr. Margolis is not just a Dentist but also a Doctor of Integrative Medicine. As such, he is capable of handling many complex dental health cases that involve not just the mouth but the whole body, as well. Dr. Margolis focuses on restoring patient’s overall health and well being through many holistic techniques (including avoiding root canals, eliminating heavy metals, using biocompatible dental materials and much more). If required, Dr. Margolis is trained in performing a holistic approach to oral surgeries.

What Is Biological Dentistry

Dr. Margolis explains that a biological dentist believes that the mouth is connected to the rest of the body. Learn more about what is Biological Dentistry from Dr. Margolis.

Dangers of Mercury in Dentistry

We all know how dangerous mercury is to our bodies. Now let’s learn more about this amalgam or metal alloy and liquid mercury mixture with regards to our mouth.

Why I Don’t Place Titanium Implants

Dr. Margolis explains futher the problem with metals is they’re never always one metal in there. Mismatched metals dissimilar metals in a hydrophilic solution, our saliva has enzymes. Enzymes mix with the metals and create extra electrons.

I Don’t Do All-On-4

Listen to Dr. Margolis as he tells us that he doesn’t do All-On-4.

Flouride In Dentistry

(Flouride) If it’s bad why do they put it in, especially on toothpaste?

Treat the Teeth to Treat the Body

As a biological dentist, they use a technique called trigger point injections, that is how you can treat the teeth to treat the body.

All Root Canals Are Toxic

“The problem that you have is over time bacteria will get into it because you can’t seal it. Let’s say you cleaned out all the tissue, bacteria is going to find a place where it can live and when bacteria gets in there the protein that you could not get in the dental tubules out decomposes.”

How the Teeth and Body Are Connected

Dr. Margolis is educating us on how each tooth is connected to different parts of our body.

Learning More About Biological Dentistry

The International Academy of Biological Dentistry, The International Academy of Oral Medical Toxicology (IOMT) and also The Holistic Dental Association are three good beginning spots if you want to learn more about Biological Dentistry.

Steps of Proper Tooth Extraction

Here, Dr. Margolis shares with us the steps of proper tooth extraction.

So Why Even Get A Dental Implant

Dr. Margolis explains that the advantage of having an implant is you’re stimulating the bone. You have to have enough bone to put into it put an implant into but it is going to put pressure. If you put pressure on a bone, the bone pushes back and as long as that pressure is balanced and you have the proper bite or proper occlusion that bone is going to stay there.

Managing Patient Expectations

“You need to know your market. So I always talk to the patient what are your expectations, what are you looking for from me because I want to be realistic. If I can’t meet their expectations, I can tell them where their expectations might be too high or it may not work but it’s patient management.” – Dr. Michael Margolis

2 Bridge Method

Dr. Margolis explains what is 2 Bridge Method.

Bone is The Issue

Not everybody can take the same materials. Bone is the issue. You can do it if you have the bone. Bone is the principle of the foundation.

Tissue Attaches to Zirconia

“The products that I’ve used is that the tissues actually attach to it.”

Who Would Benefit from Biological Dentistry

Each person is separated and you can’t do the exact same thing for the next person so that’s biological dentistry.

Beware of Dishonest Dentistry

Listen to Dr. Margolis and be aware of dishonest dentistry.

Good Dentist but Bad Material Compatibility

“I have seen some phenomenal dentistry done but because of the materials they used and because of the chemistry of the patient it fails.”

Wish Every Dentist Was Biological

The more that we can learn the more we can help.

Full Interview

The full interview with Michael Margolis, DDS, leading Biological Dentistry Expert. Dr. Margolis focuses on restoring patient’s overall health and well being through many holistic techniques.

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