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Colloidal Silver and All-On-4 dental implants? How in the world do these go together? We were introduced to Keith by another one of our clients in Arizona who has a very large and successful Cancer Care Clinic in Scottsdale. My wife crafts and creates Elderberry syrup and we thought about adding Colloidal Silver to make it shelf-stable and add to the immune boosting properties. Little did I know that Keith and his team have over 400 peer reviewed publications and over 100 patents including in the dental arena. In this video series, you will take away some key tips and tools about healing and fighting peri-implantitis (dental implants failing), as well as, learn more about keeping your general immune system healthy. This interview was very enlightening and well worth your time.

Safer More Effective Silver Sol

“Silver Sol technology is a very specific type of nano particle of silver. This particle has a very specific coating on the outside that’s very unique that no one else has nor can anybody else make it because we own it. It’s patented but it’s an AG-404, it’s a multivalent silver oxide coating in essence. It has a skin on the outside that makes it incredibly effective and it also makes it highly stable and very safe. So, it does some really extraordinary things especially in the dental industry.”

2-Part Cleaning System

Two-part Cleaning System? Listen to Keith, learn and know more and be amazed by this interesting two-part cleaning system.

Use of Silver Sol When Placing Implants

“We were asked to participate in a special on PBS for medical innovations and it was doctors using our technology in dental implants and it goes through a whole line of why that is amazing and it shows a producer who has 13 at one time. And the amazing part is that he actually showed that within the next day, he had no uncomfortable pain and he wasn’t on drugs.” – Keith

Case Studies and Approvals

There are so many uses of their technology, approved and backed up with many case studies!

Dental Perio-Pockets and Silver Sol

There are lots of benefits from their technology. Not just cleans but gives you other benefits that you can’t get from your toothpaste.

Dangers of Fluoride

Listen to what Keith has said when asked about, “How will their product affect the fake teeth and the natural teeth?”

Compare Before and After Number from Your Dentist

From a guy that gives only a 1/10 rating for using their product because it doesn’t foam, to 4/10. But that guy’s dentist has a different way to rate it, he said, “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it because your gums and teeth have never looked so good.”

You Will Know It Works In One Day

A radio host from Boston complained and blamed Keith for giving her their product. It was all because she keeps forgetting to brush her teeth in the morning. Going out of the house forgetting to brush her teeth because it is still clean from using the product before sleep at night.

Links for More Info

Links for more pieces of information about the product, research done, case studies, approvals and many more.

Full Interview

The full interview with Keith Moller, CEO and part of the family that founded ABL labs. They are one of the foremost experts in the world when it comes to colloidal silver.

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