“Santa Phil”

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Ho, Ho, Ho! This by far was one of our favorite testimonials we have had the pleasure of filming. Santa Phil had snap-on dentures done by a client of ours in Georgetown, TX. He went through all of the work, only to find out that a few years later they FAILED! I didn’t want this project to be a sales job, and that’s why I wanted to include that stories that are still looking for a happy ending. Santa has a great attitude about this, but I encourage you to watch this to see what happens when you don’t go with an expert. Needless to say, this client is no longer a client of ours, and I hope a specialist watching will connect with Santa Phil and help him get his All-On-X full mouth restoration redone properly. Who’s going to step up????

The Making of Santa

Santa Phil got a very interesting story about how he started to do Santa Claus. A very interesting story. Listen to him as they talk about how it got started before they dive in talking about dental works done to Santa Phil.

Children’s Emotions Towards Santa

Listen to Santa Phil as he tells the story of how unique in a way his connection to children is. His main objective is to bring a smile to children’s faces.

Support Santa Phil

If you’re looking for Santa Phil and you’re interested in trying to get on his calendar. You can go to Facebook and look for Santa Phil and you’ll find his last name is gin grass. Santa Phil Gin Grass. Support Santa Phil. He strongly recommends that you invest in the full-mouth restoration, because it is such a big part of who you are, your smile defines you.

Sometimes It Doesn’t Go Well

Santa Phil really wished he didn’t have to do a do-over. However, when he went into it, he started out with no good teeth anyway, according to him. And when he became a Santa Claus it became very important to him to utilize his smile.

Good Dentists Own Their Mistakes

“I’m a computer technician when I through my career whenever I go out on an interview, one of the questions I always get asked what was your biggest mistake? What was your biggest failure, and how did you recover from that? That tells the prospective employer my integrity as a person. One do I am I willing to admit it. Two what kind of an attack plan did I have for mitigating the errors and correcting it and a dentist has got to be the same way.” -Santa Phil

What I Wish I Would Have Known

Santa Phil was asked about “What do you wish you knew then that you know now?”

How Many Implants Do I Really Need

This conversation let us know and understand more about how many implants are really needed.

Don’t Be Shy to Negotiate

Find the right dentist and don’t be shy to negotiate.

Speeding Singing Santa That Serves

A funny story of a speeding Santa Claus while singing Frosty the Snowman.

Santa’s Unanswered Questions

Santa’s unanswered questions got their answers within this segment.

More Quotes to Find the Right Value

Santa Phil wanted each of those who locally advertised in their area to make for him the right quote and find the best possible right value.

Shop Around with a CT Scan

Shopping around for your dental with a CT scan is very helpful because dentists will know that you are serious.

There Is Hope

Hope is something that makes us move and go forward on this journey. There is hope.

The Rewards of Being Santa

Making someone smile, giving you a big beautiful genuine smile is so rewarding. This is one of the reasons why Santa Phil keeps doing what he loves doing.

Santa Full Interview

This is the full interview with one of those people that brings smiles to our faces, Santa Phil.

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