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Laura is a patient for a clinic that we also did some work for so got to know her before I had my procedure. Laura was part of the inspiration for doing this whole Smile Mentor.

When Will The Patch Work End

Laura is talking about ending the patching going on her mouth. Final solution for it is to just get rid of all of it and start over, clean slate.

People Look Down on a Bad Mouth

It is so frustrating when people look down on people with dental problems. People made an instant judgment, all because of the teeth. Also, both the professional and personal side of things has affects confidence.

I Didn’t Want Perfect Teeth

When you aged for about 75-80 years old, perfect teeth would be freakish. A little crooked, a little yellowish, not bright white teeth but not compromising the bite.

You Are One of the Reasons for TSM

So being the patient advocate, I started thinking about how can I take all those questions that I know have heard from talking to other patients and compile them and let people come along the journey. And Laura was one of the reasons why I did it. I started to document all stuff on this journey.

If You Have Money To Smoke, You Have Money For This

“Start to quit smoking, start putting away that money and before you know it, you’ll have the money saved for the implants and maybe you can get mini implants. If you’re smoking you have money for it.” -Laura

Life With Temporary Dental Arches

A walk through from the eyes of Laura a life with temps.

Temps vs Final Reconstructive Dental Arches

Laura talks about what it feels like having temps vs finals.

Hard to Articulate the Changes You Want

Listen as Laura explains how hard to articulate things that you want to your clinicians, because they really depend on you, articulating changes that you want.

Couldn’t Find Any Non-Sponsored Dental Implant Info

The motivation is that she couldn’t find any real information like it was a global scam. Listen more to Laura about what she meant by this.

My Shopping Around Experience

Like most wise shoppers, they look for reviews before purchasing especially with this kind of long-term investment, your teeth.

The Doctor Needs to Spend Time with You

“What do you wish you knew then that you know now?” If you can’t get face time with the doctor, most would be very cautious about trusting them for surgery.

Respect the Person Not the Pocket Book

Don’t judge too quickly. Respect the person, not the pocketbook.

Tax Deduction

“Your mileage may vary based on your income. If you don’t make a lot of money just have to be in that sweet spot where you can maximize your return sort of on that.”

Things to Consider When making Your Decision

Top things to look at like the materials going to be used. Are there any options? Who’s going to be working on you, and many things like this to consider.

The Need for a Special WaterPik

Laura on the need for a special Waterpik for specific types of procedure done with the teeth.

Our Purpose Is for the Patient

“Being in the dental world and serving clients was the passion side of it.”

A Heart to Share

The reason for making videos like this and Laura’s was to help somebody else that may find our videos, especially those with teeth problems.

This Isn’t a Gold Mine for Dentists

“This is actually cheaper than my crowns right there’s no doubt about it it’s cheaper it’s it’s a whole mouth so you have to compound all that cost but it’s cheaper than a crown because so much more is invested in it so many people so much talent you know is invested in it and it’s not yeah it’s not a gold mine for dentists.” -Laura

Full Interview

Laura’s full interview with your Smile Mentor.

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