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Jen was the very first testimony we had ever shot for a dentist! We instantly became friends and I think you can see why. She shares not only serves as an encouragement to me as I am about to go through the All-On-4 surgery but she also shares a horror story that occurred with her sister-in-law. A dentist messed up her mouth so bad, she bled for days! Which was frightening to hear right before I went under but good for all of you to hear some of the things Jen’s sister went through so you don’t have to.

What You Can Expect from the “All-On-4 to 6” Procedure

Scared? Is it going to hurt? For how long will it hurt? For Jen, the biggest thing was all of your follow-up appointments and it’s very important.

You Have to Do Your Part

You’re going to be cleaning your teeth properly. You’re going to make sure that you’re flossing right even more important now because you don’t want anything to get up behind. Use WaterPik and floss. You have to do your part.

“All-On-4 to 6” Post-Surgery Pain and Swelling

With the help of frozen mixed vegetables as an ice-pack while sleeping the night after the surgery, Jen went to a funeral the very next day. No swelling.

Life With An Implant Supported Arch

“It’s amazing to deal, we talked about it, to deal with the pain that you’ve had for so long, this is your best choice to live a regular normal everyday life.” – Jen

It Doesn’t Always Go Well

Listen to Jen as she tells the story of an unpleasant experience of her sister-in-law with her sister-in-law’s dentist. And yeah, it doesn’t always go well.

The Importance of Temporary Restorative Arches

Jen shares her experience with temps. At first, it feels weird but it is important.

Snap-In Dentures are A Different Solution

There is a big difference with snap-ins solutions especially for the price, they are less expensive but for Jen, All-On-X is a lifetime investment even if it is much pricey. This is yours for the rest of your life. So, invest wisely.

Test Driving Your Permanent Teeth

Jen just can’t stop smiling and loving her permanent. Listen to her as she test drives her permanent.

Back Up Set of Arches

A spare set for backup is a very good idea because we don’t want to go to another dentist because of unwanted things that could happen to our teeth.

What If It Goes South

Talking about things should be done first but if it goes south, there are things that can be done.

Your Life Will Change

You’re gonna be a lot better, your whole life will change. No bad news anymore, no pain, no toothache and an earache.

Ask the Tough Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, to ask tough questions. After all, it’s your money, it is your investment in your teeth and it is your teeth.

Best Part is the Friends We Make

The best part of our interview is this, we make friends. A weird way to start a friendship but God is good and lets us do it.

Full Interview

This is the full interview with another patient who turned into a good friend of mine, Jen.

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