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When you watch Hank’s videos, keep in mind, this is the first time we ever got to meet face to face. We were going out to film Dr. Emilio Arguello, DMD and asked his clinic, Altura, for some recommendations for patients that would be willing to tell their stories. After calling about a dozen, we knew right away that Hank would be our guy. Hank had a similar experience to many of you, in that, he lived with a denture for over 40+ years and knows well the frustrations and shame that can come with that.

Life as a Colorado Fire Fighter

We started the interview by asking Hank what it is like to be a Colorado FireFighter.

Painful Dental History

Dentistry from the time Hank was only in his 20’s, is painful because technology back then was not same as what we have now.

My Wife Encouraged Me

After seeing a commercial on TV, his wife encouraged him to look onto it. So, Hank did and what a coincedence because one of his tooth’s filling came out.

How the Process Went for Me

Listen to Hank’s answer when questioned about, “How would you explain the process to somebody who’s never gone through this now that you have, what’s it been like?”

Referring Dentist Makes Final Dental Restorations

The Dentist that referred him there is who is making his permanent. Bringing a lab tech that is actually the one who builds his teeth for him.

No Eating Restrictions

“It is a life changer because for one thing, especially for those who have had dentures. Before, touching the roof of your mouth while you’re eating is a new experience that I haven’t had for 40 years you know. So, used to be I could eat an ice cream cone and you know, people would be amazed that I would chew ice cream. Nothing I’ve been restricted from eating.” – Hank

Challenges Eating with a Denture

There are lots of foods that Hank can eat now unlike when he had dentures, and examples of those are apples and caramels. Sneezing with a denture that is starting to get loose is a funny thing for those who witnessed it, lucky for Hank, it is her daughter.

How Many Full Mouth Restoration Cases Have They Done

Researching is so important before you go through this dental procedure. Get to know how many times they have done the procedure.

Different Kind of Dentistry

“Chairside manner” is so important for Hank because they’re making procedures into his mouth for a couple of hours.

Any Problems with It

Hard candy. Listen to Hank as he explains how hard candy gave him hard time.

Glad I Waited for Technology to Advance

Hank was glad that he waited for technology to advance and in the mainstream before he went into it.

What was Your Wife’s Reaction

For his wife, he didn’t look like him, but she is getting used to it now. Listen more about Hank’s wife’s reaction.

Do You Drool More with Temps

“Yes” was Hank’s answer when asked if he found himself drooling any extra out of the corners of his mouth.

Full Interview

This is the full interview with Hank, an All-On-X recipient.

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