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The afternoon I met Al at his dental practice, I knew right away that this guy paid attention to details in all areas of his life, including his search for the right dental implant/All-On-X clinic. Al doesn’t pull any punches, and when you watch the different ways he approached each clinic he went to, I think you will find it helpful to see the journey through his eyes.

What Led You to the “All-On-4 to 6” Procedure

Price and payment options, expertise, materials to be used are some of the factors Al considered in making the decision.

Factors In Making the Decision

Price and payment options, expertise, materials to be used are some of the factors Al considered in making the decision.

Recommendations for Future Patients

Here’s Al’s answer when asked about recommendations for future patients homework they should look for, “well honestly I would look at each one of the candidates’ websites to see how much information is there the description of the product the description of the procedures what kind of frequently asked questions they have that was one of the strong selling points that got me in the door.”

Minimal Post-Surgery Dental Pain

Al was shocked because he felt no discomfort and the pain was minimal.

Should Have Done This 20 Years Ago

Listen as they talk about having done the procedure earlier in their lives if technology was available that time.

Biggest Surprise of the “All-On-4 to 6” Process

The biggest surprise Al had was the lack of post-operative pain or complications and the ease of getting information. If he has a question, he just picks up the phone and calls the team, and if he doesn’t get an immediate answer, the doc or one of the techs will call him back in a very reasonable amount of time to his inquiries.

Eating After the “All-On-4 to 6” Procedure

Al gained some pounds, about 40 pounds because he enjoyed eating so much after the total healing of the procedure.

Assembly Line Dentistry

“If I won assembly line dentistry I could have stayed in the military and that’s what you’re getting at that price range of the assembly line dentistry.” -Al

Surprised How Well It Went

The surgery went well, and both of them agreed and were glad that they did it.

Make Sure You Ask These Questions

Why is the implant the best route to go? What could be done to save my existing teeth? Where do they actually care about your dentistry and your teeth instead of getting it done? For Al, this set of questions were some of the important things to ask before the procedure got done.

Full Interview

This is the full interview with Al, an All-On-X, happy and satisfied recipient.

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