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Dr. Maurice A. Salama completed his undergraduate studies at the State University of New York at Binghamton in 1985, where he received his BS in Biology. Dr. Salama received his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, where he later received his dual specialty certification in Orthodontics and Periodontics, as well as implant training at the Branemark Center at Penn. He was awarded the George Coslet and Richard Chase Scholarships at the University of Pennsylvania during his post-doctoral studies. Dr. Salama is currently on the faculties of the University of Pennsylvania and the Medical College of Georgia as Clinical Assistant Professor of Periodontics.

Getting to Know the Doctor

Get to know Dr. Salama and get amazed by how DentalXP started.

Dr Maurice Salama of DentalXP

What Is DentalXP

Get to know more about DentaXp that has over 225,000 members around the world.

The Power of a Smile

Learn more from their conversation about how smile affects the person as a whole.

Maurice Salama The Power of a Smile
Maurice Salama Preparation Is Key

Preparation Is Key

Preparation is everything. Dr. Salama says, “My biggest failure will never be for lack of preparation. I think it’s more important.”

Less Painful Than a Bone Graft

“When we do All-On-X and angle the implants and give them the implants or even with zygo and pterygoid implants, we hear patients come back because they’re not being grafted with less swelling, with less post-operative discomfort. So when people say to me, “Oh that sounds really painful, All-On-X.” You know what, that sounds really painful. What I tell them surprisingly, patients tell me that they don’t really feel the type of pain or discomfort or even swelling that they get from a standard dental surgical procedure.”

Maurice Salama Less Painful Than a Bone Graft
Maurice Salama Educated Dental Patient

Educated Dental Patient

For Dr. Salama, their best patients are the patients that want to be educated believe it or not. Hear more about how important an educated patient is.

You Can’t Afford To Do It Wrong

“But you can’t afford to do it wrong. Meaning that you better not have to do it a second and third time because that’s when enormous cost, not only money but also in psychological element the time in the chair, the healing the scar tissue.”

Maurice Salama You Can't Afford To Do It Wrong
Dr. Salama says you need a certain amount of bone structure

You Need Bone

Dr. Salama says you need a certain amount of bone structure in order for there to be implants placed when considering this kind of work.

More Youthful Appearance

‘”So that you by opening the bite all of a sudden certain wrinkles go away, your face looks fuller, your face has more longevity, looks more youthful in appearance. So we can change the lower third of the face, both in fullness and in height immediately.” – Dr. Salama

Dental Implant More Youthful Appearance
Maurice Salama Every Patient Is Different

Every Patient Is Different

Every single patient is different from the other. Different people with different reasons result in different assessments.

Dental Implant Options For Those Without Bone

“They just don’t have enough bone for us to work with. We can then use, as we said earlier, an extra oral sources like the cheekbones, zygomatic implants, pterygoid plates which are behind the maxilla, volmer process floor of the nose behind the front teeth. These areas can be used to anchor implants that can then support a prosthesis. This can be done but needs an extra amount of training.

Maurice Salama Dental Implant Options For Those Without Bone
Maurice Salma  interview

Clean Slate

Start a new, clean slate.

People Can’t See You

It’s a horrible way to feel because what happens when you remove that aspect of somebody, people can’t see the real you.

Maurice Salama People Can’t See You
Maurice Salama Finding the Complete Dental Practice

Finding the Complete Dental Practice

Dr. Salama tells us that implants can fail just like teeth can if you don’t take care of them and if it’s not done well. It is not all about the materials to be used.

The Importance of an “All-On-4 to 6” Specialist

Importance of a Specialist.

Maurice Salama The Importance of an "All On 4 to 6" Specialist
maruice Salama Not Smiling in the Mirror

Not Smiling in the Mirror

Many people, what they see in the mirror is not how they envision themselves. They look and they want to smile but what they see is something that is something they’re not proud of.

Any Dentist Can Do This?

“But the fact is that they’re not specialized right out of school.”

Maruice Salama Any Dentist Can Do This?
Maurice Salama All In a Day*

All In a Day

“Patient could come in after years of neglect. Years of contemplating should I do it. I don’t know enough about it. Can I afford it? Do I really want to go through all the discomfort, the pain. Whatever things they talk themselves out of and in one day they can go from infection, pain and something they’re not proud of and immediately in one sitting, in one day have a new set of teeth even though if they make they may not be their finals they are functional and beautiful and a done in a day.” – Dr. Salama

Dr. Maurice Salama Full Interview About “All-On-4 to 6” Dental Implants

The full interview with Dr. Maurice Salama.

Dr. Maurice Salama Full Interview About "All On 4 to 6" Dental Implants
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