Dr. Marko Tadros

Dr Marcko Tadros 3D Surgical Guide Specialist

Dr. Tadros, in my opinion, is what the next generation of All-On-Xpert’sTM looks like. He has helped bring his clinic into the digital area and as a prosthodontist, Dr. Tadros understands the entire process to create a new smile, including what it takes at the lab level. He even gives us a nice tour of the lab and answers questions about materials that I am sure you will find helpful.

Digital Dental Journey

Dr. Tadros is explaining to us the digital dental journey and we really mean a journey from assessing patients with digital equipment to processing, pros and cons, etc.

Dr tadros Digital Dental Journey
Best Consultation Questions Dr Tadros

Best Consultation Questions

Here is a part of what Dr. Tadros said regarding the best questions a patient should ask before any treatment. “If there is availability of the bone that’s one of the things so the patient should ask the dentist how many implants do they think they can uh place.”

Perfect Prosthodontist Surgeon Combo

Part of why Dr. Tadros joined the team here because he have the best mentors, Dr. Goldstein, Dr. Garver and Dr. Salama. Mixing props with the perfect surgeon is a huge combo.

Perfect Prosthodontist Surgeon Combo by Dr Tadros
Bite Temp vs Final with Matt Griffin

Bite Temp vs Final

Learn more about Temp vs Final with regards to biting.

Custom Smile

When it comes to the customization of your smile, you really need to take a minute and ask in your consultation how custom do I get to make this and what is my interaction with those that are making the prosthesis.

Dr Tadros with Custom Smile
Over Removal of Bone

Over Removal of Bone

Scallop design is instead of cutting the bone flat or removing the excess bone that be can save. They actually scallop the bone to create the same architect as the tooth margin which actually reduces bone reduction a also looks more natural.

When Zirconia Breaks

Zirconia does breaks and Dr. Tadros here explains when Zirconia breaks and the factors why they break.

Zirconia does breaks and Dr. Tadros
Dr Tadros explaining why guided surgey is important

Advantages of Guided “All-On-4 to 6” Surgery

Here’s why, no matter how many years of experience you have a free-handed surgery, it could be off a few degrees from where I want my exact screw channel, how I can create a prosthesis that can have all the screws coming in exactly in the center of the teeth or exactly in the lingual which is very important because once the screw comes out of the outside of the tooth, that creates a problem for us as a restorative dentist.” – Dr. Tadros

Dr. Marko Tadros Full Interview About “All-On-4 to 6” Dental Implants

The full interview with Dr. Marko Tadros, 3D-Surgical Guide Specialist.

Dr. Tadros, explaining to Matt Griffin
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