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Duncan Ross is one of the foremost experts on Stem Cells and Exosomes (the sweet juice form the Stem Cell). I was privileged to speak right after Dr. Ross at a conference in Florida back in 2018. When I got to know Duncan, I was convinced that he and his group were going to play a significant role in taking dental implant surgery to and healing to the next level. After several calls, we invited Duncan on The Smile Mentor to share how stem cells and exosomes are playing a role in dentistry and what the future looks like for the next generation.

What Led You to This Field

Dr. Ross says “bone marrow transplantation is the original cell stem cell therapy right and we have 70 years of experience with it we know the proteins we know the mechanisms the protocols uh different types of tests to run so when I saw this bergeoning field of regenerative medicine specifically people using umbilical cord cells that kind of blew my mind because here I’m studying core blood transplantation for leukemias and people are using it for orthopedics I was like what is going on here so that’s when I started to go start to look more into the field.”

No Pain and Inflammation from Exosome Pre-Treatment

It is true when Dr. Ross said that after the extraction of a tooth, the inflammation makes is painful. But listen to Dr. Ross as he talks about this Exosome Pre Treatment. It is amazing that stopping inflammation while speeding up healing is possible.

Stem Cells: Taboo to Mainstream

A little walkthrough on understanding Stem Cells’ history. Dr. Ross is making a clear point on Stem Cells because there are lots and lots of confusion when it comes to Stem Cells. Some even think of it as taboo.

Exosome Pregnancy Glow

Preparation is everything, Dr. Salama says “My biggest failure will never be for lack of preparation I think it’s more important.”

Mothers Donate Their Placenta

A funny experience of Dr. Ross when he remembers walking on the beach and asked a pregnant woman, “Hey, what are you gonna do with your placenta?” Funny, weird, not an ordinary question you will hear every day, but that was true, and for science purposes.

Difference Between Stem Cells and Exosomes

Educating time with the difference between Stem Cells and Exosomes. Exosomes were derived from Stem Cells. Exosomes are much smaller and can go almost everywhere. The Benefits of Stem Cells might have been because of the exosomes from the Stem Cells.

Next 10 Years in Regenerative Medicine

“All you need is only the particle of the cell, not the cell.” Small talk with Dr. Ross’s view of Regenerative Medicine 10 years from now. Rewinding aging, cancer treatment, regrow teeth, etc. and it is also because of very rapid phase in medical science over the years.

6-8 Week Recovery

Dr. Ross tells us about 6-8 weeks of recovery when you combine growth factors with the bone pace they are creating for full osteointegration, not 4-6 months recovery, but 6-8 weeks only. Listen to Dr. Ross’s example of a guy with broken ribs that experienced no pain in just 3 weeks because of just five vials.

Exosomes Could Make a Bad Dentist Good

Dr. Ross talks about that he thinks Exosomes could make a bad dentist good.

Anything a Baby Does is in Baby Exosomes

Certainly have identified bone growth proteins in the exosomes and why would they be there because the baby needs to grow a bone… Anything that a baby does is in baby exosomes.

Scientist By Heart

All you know how to do is all he knows how to do, just like Dr. Duncan Ross, a scientist by heart.

Synergistic Exosome Equiscope Combo

“Sometimes you might want to kill some cells because killing cells does create a regenerative effect because the dead cells now the body thinks that there’s an infection because that’s only time cells die right and it tries to push an anti-inflammatory mill you to stop that inflammation so in effect you’re tricking the body right and so you get regeneration that way by killing cells other cells will move in to fix up the tissue.”

More Labs and Scientists with Different Ideas

Dr. Duncan was asked where do he want chimera to be five years from now. With more labs and more scientists with different ideas, different ideas will come out and many times stronger.

Excited About the Future

With this great technology, there are lots of people, whether patients or dentists will benefit from this. Now let’s see how this can bless people.

Full Interview

The full interview with Dr. Duncan Ross, Leading Stem Cell / Exosome Expert.

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