A big portion of my heart behind this project, was a goal to provide a resource to perspective clinicians who are currently serving the All On 4 / All On X patient. I know there are still some good clinicians out there committed to excellence and continued growth. For those of you out there in the category, this section of the website is for you.

We will help you grow in your knowledge of:

  • A View from the Eyes of the Patient
  • Inside the Mind of Key All-On-Xpert’s
  • Technology for Case Advancement
  • How to be a nicer person! (Seriously Important for this Role)

If your heart is truly for the patient, and you are committed to providing the BEST care and treatment that exceeds industry standards, join us as we help bring back a good name to dentistry!

  • From Patients
  • From All On-Xpert’s
  • A Word to the Wise
  • Tools to Help the Dentist


Community is so important, and this is no exception. We want to hear from you, and we want you to engage your questions in hopes and fears when it comes to this level of life change. This is non-sponsored, non-advertised, and real people sharing hearts minds and hopes. Join us