I wanted to continue our series on answering some of the questions that came to us through private message, “What can I eat after surgery?” Well, first of all, there are a lot of tools out there that can help when it comes to eating after surgery. Websites, meal plans, recipes, food prep ideas,… READ MORE TIPS FOR EATING DURING YOUR ALL-ON-4 HEALING PERIOD (AFTER SURGERY)


We wanted to do a series on “The things you should know about dental implants and the All-On-4 procedure before you have it done. This blog post is very important because too many times shame is what keeps people from smiling. What do I mean by that? Well personally, my teeth have been my greatest insecurity… READ MORE YOU’RE NOT ALONE

Destination Dentistry – Worth It

If you are anything like me, having dental work done is one of the lest exciting experiences you can have, much less if its “dental implants” or the “All-On-4/6 Full Mouth Restoration”. But this procedure is a necessary evil for those of us who have had dental challenges in the past. One of the questions, and always a big one, ”how much will a full mouth of dental implants cost?”. Single dental implants in the US can range from $2500 up to $5000. If they cost more than that, call the police and report the thief!

One alternative to paying the high prices in the US is going to countries like Hungry, Costa Rica and Mexico to have dental work done. As the patient, you can usually plan on saving 50-70% off what your treatment plan in the US might cost. Sounds appealing, right? It sure did to me!!


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