expensive dental implants

I wanted to take some time to answer a question we received on private messenger from one of you. This topic is so near and dear to my heart because our family has been privileged to see very high mountain tops where we’ve had plenty of capital and resources but we’ve also seen extreme valleys, where growing up for a time we had to share a one-bedroom apartment. Why am I telling you this? I’ve been in your shoes. Some of you are reading this and money is not an issue and some of you have to scrape for every penny you have. I get it, I’ve been in both situations. That is why this question just broke my heart because I get it, “What do I do if I know I need an All-On-4 but I just can’t afford it?” That’s a tough one because beautiful, healthy teeth should not be a luxury for people.

This specific topic has become a passion of mine because this was a very real issue that felt like a sticking point for some of my close friends and family members. They needed a solution but it seemed so far off because of finances. Another solution, is dentures. My mom was in a denture for over 20 years and a big reason why she chose dentures over implants is because of a lack of financing.  Now I know dentures are not ideal because they are not permanent. The difference between implants and implant supported arch or implant supported denture versus a normal denture is they are not fixed. Because of this, you can incur bone loss. This can make you face sag and your face definition weaken.  A third option, is snap-ins. These are a middle of the road option. You do get the benefit of having implants but it is not permanent by any stretch. Snap-ins do help limit the bone loss and it is about a third of the price of an All-On-4.

So there are other solutions out there, that may work for the time-being but I will always recommend dental implants first. Feeling stuck is a debilitating feeling. So what can we do about it? Well, I’ve already been working on this very thing. I’ve spoken with several expert clinicians and very generous vendors who have committed their time and supplies to help some of you that may feel like this is a pipe dream. Stay tuned because big things are happening on www.thesmilementor.com. But in the meantime, join our community and continue to educate yourself on the process. Let’s take the power back, let’s demand change, this is how we create a movement in the industry. Follow and like our videos and comment on our posts to get the latest and greatest news coming from The Smile Mentor.

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