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Today, I am privileged to answer some of the private messages that we have gotten about some of the topics that we have covered in our previous videos. This blog post will cover one that is near and dear to my heart.  The question is, “What do I do if I’m not happy with the service I received for my dental implants?” or “What happens if the results I got after my All-On-4, All-On-X supported arch are less than desirable?” Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. But through experience I have learned to dig a little deeper, first let’s look at the provider. Have you had a conversation with your provider to explain or share your frustrations? Little to nothing can be accomplished without very direct and open communication with the doctor or surgeon that performed the services. Have you explained what you not happy with? More importantly, make sure you identify the specific items that you are unhappy with. It is important to be very detailed and specific because some providers will and can try to intimidate you into thinking you are indeed happy or dismiss the issues as minuet because you haven’t provided the facts to back up your dissatisfaction.

Does your mouth hurt? 

Does your bite feel awkward?

Do you not like the color or shading of your teeth? 

Do you feel like you didn’t get the look and the feel that were looking for? 

Does it not look natural?

I will say as we’ve covered in some of our videos, speech does take a little time to normalize. But go in with specific issues, not a blanket statement of, “I just don’t like them.” because that gripe will not fly.

Now, let’s say the provider says “Tough luck, I did what I said I would do, sorry Charlie, you’re on your own.” Well, that’s when it’s appropriate to contact the dental board and share your frustrations with them. Now, if this is the route you take, it is very important to know what your case is. Have details as to why you are unhappy with the services you received. However, if there is unresolved pain, if your new smile is negatively affecting your quality of life then absolutely contact the dental board. That is precisely why we took the time to post this information on Not only have we put together a list of every single dental board in the entire US but we have a forum where you can voice your concerns of specific providers.

I’ll be honest, I like attorneys just about as much as I like dishonest dentists so, this should absolutely be your last-ditch effort to get resolution. But sometimes, this is the route that has to be taken to get their attention. I know the heartbreak of failed dental work, I’ve experienced it and in the past I just wrote it off. Hindsight is 20/20. I wish I would have fought for my rights as a patient. Back then, I didn’t feel empowered and I didn’t have the information I needed to win those battles. This is also a great reason why it is important to go out and get a second opinion from somebody that is highly trained in this specialty. Take the time to do your research and share with them your concerns and frustrations and see what they validate. I’ve done this and was amazed at what I found out. I had a solid case for dental malpractice. But, I was tired and just wanted my smile back, so instead of the battle I bit the bullet so to speak, and just had my All-On-X completed. This is never a fun situation to be in, but I hope this question and answer blog has helped.

If you haven’t subscribed to our videos please do and for more information about the entire dental implant process or if you are looking to have this done and avoid having to answer this specific head to We’ve put together a book on our website to help with all of the details. This book is the product of years of research, hours and hours of work and has in-depth information and materials that is going to help you in the process of doing your due diligence to find the right provider. So if you haven’t quite found that perfect provider yet, I hope these tools really bless you.  

Here’s to smiling more!

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