The Patient’s Guide to The All-On-4/6


Welcome to Learning to Smile Again.

We wanted to create a tool, and this is the entire book in its entirety called Learning to Smile Again. Taking you from how to even search. So this is for that patient out there that knows or senses. They know they need to have a full row of teeth or a full mouth of teeth. That patchwork just isn’t going to cut it anymore. And it’s either dentures or invest a lot into an implant supported arch, All-On-4. They’re called a lot of different names.

We even cover you how to search it out. We cover you the questions to ask doctors to help you sift out the ones that need to go back to school and need more training and those that really are All-On-Xperts. This is a tool that will help you go through not only the consultation process and finding that doctor but now pre-surgery post surgery and recipes to help you enjoy the healing process and not feel like you’re just going to eat oatmeal every day.

We really put a lot of time, energy and effort into this book. I really did. I wrote the copy myself. So yeah, that probably makes you not want to read it but wrote the copy myself with all the experience and exposure that we’ve gotten over the last five years, and now after going through it not only with my mom but with me personally.

So, yeah hope you like it. I promise you, you spend some time in it, you really get to know this process. You are going to make the good ones celebrate and the bad ones are on and that’s what we’re here for. Smile is a beautiful thing and an under used thing. Think about what we’ve just undergone with COVID and everything, the mass, how it just changes your demeanor. Well, let’s get some smiles back on the street and let’s have experts do it and give you guys the tools that are necessary to make that happen.

I really do love you guys. Appreciate you guys and I pray this blesses you. Thank you.