Today, I wanted to cover something that came across this on one of our private messages: “What are the 3 things that I should look for before signing a contract with a provider?”

I cannot stress how important this question is! First, do they guarantee their work?

How will they back their work if something goes wrong?

Is this in print that you can see? 

Will they guarantee their work?

For how long is the work covered?

What does this guarantee cover?

Are materials covered in addition to work?

If the clinic has to remake the teeth, is that covered?

Secondly, you must take into account the personality of the provider. What are they motivated by?

If it’s money, good luck. However, if it is helping you smile and love your smile again, then you have a better chance of a good outcome. Without a doubt, you’ll find the good ones out there, if you go through our series of videos and read our book on In this book, we go through and help teach you step by step, how to find the right provider. One that should help you throughout the entire process.  Lastly, before you sign a contract, always ask, “How long have they been in business?” Now it’s time to do some internet sleuthing and see what you can find on them, whether it be through reviews. Are there complaints from previous patients? Do they excel at some things but the bedside manner is trash? Another good option that I learned from my wife, is Facebook mom pages. These things are a wealth of information. Ask on forums like these and you are sure to get some good information.

As always I hope this has blessed you.

Keep smilin’!

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