Narrow the Playing Field

What do you say when you go into that dental implant All-On-4 consultation? What questions do you ask? Do you know what to look for?

Please don’t let that sound to condescending at all because I’ve met with so many patients across the nation and I didn’t know. That’s why we put this tool together. This is a tool that will let you, from the minute you walk in that practice, to start observing questions, to ask the front desk the assistance things, to observe things that will help you avoid that guy or gal that should not be doing this procedure. Because guess what? You don’t need any specialty, just a general dentistry degree to do this procedure. That’s just a shame.

Well, this gives you tools to ask. And there are a lot of good experts out there but there’s also a lot of shady ones. This tool will help you make the bad ones cringe and the good ones shine.

So I hope this tool is helpful. I appreciate you.

Thank you.