Where to Start

We wanted to provide tools for you as the patient to be able to even take into consultations or start doing your homework, to even find where you’re going to invest your time to go do a consultation.

We compiled all of the different notes, experiences, both personal and through others, and compiled them here into this series. And the first part of this series on this book that you will see on the screen is where to start.

How do you even know where to begin?

How do you know what to search?

How do you know how to look at reviews? And I’m telling you out there, I know a lot of doctors that buy reviews, they will bribe their patients for a good review, which Google says is a no no. But I’ve seen tools broken.

How can you sniff that out?

How far are you willing to go?

We talk about the cost to benefit ratio of going to an expert that might be further away, and there’s a lot in here.

So that’s this part of it.

I appreciate you guys, and I hope this tool is helpful for you.

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