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Do you have a hard time trusting the dentist, much less like them? Is it difficult to find information that isn’t paid for by a dentist? Do you find yourself needing a new smile and don’t know where to start? Dental Implants, All-On-4, Full Arch Replacement. What is the right option and how can I avoid getting screwed? If the answer to ANY of these questions is YES, then join us as we educate the patient from the eyes of the patient.


Whenever you start this process, shame, frustration and a multitude of other feelings can creep in. One of those, is isolation. We sometimes feel like we’re the only ones going through this, and we wanted you to have the opportunity to hear from others, just like us and how they manage the process. What questions about dental implants, about the All-On-X surgery, and general fears and concerns are all thoughts and feelings that they shared throughout their testimony. We’re all in this together.


Why the smile mentor thumbnail

There are many motivations for us to do this project and spend the amount of time, effort and our own money. But the true HEART behind this project is because of my mom, Elaine. Watching what she has had to suffer with, for decades, the amount of “false promises” and failed work, breaks my heart. And when it came time to find a more permanent solution, I just so happened to be placed at the right place at the right time. I had been working with Dental Implant specialists with business development, product development and branding. I got to see “behind the curtain” and it really made me mad how little TRUE, unbiased information is out there. Everything a patient gets to see is basically paid for by a dentist and not in the patient’s best interest. They want to sell themselves and their services. So now it’s time to do what I am called to do, not only to help the “moms” of the world but all the patients who have lost hope and don’t know where to start. The goal is to compile any and all REAL information and tools that patients can use to find the right solution and hopefully, the right clinician and avoid what our family has had to go through in the past.

DISCLAIMER: Six-20 Business Productions (our company) or me personally have not received any compensation, discount or reimbursements for our expenses for this entire project.



When we started this project, we wanted a way for patients to get a chance to see EVERYTHING before they must go through it themselves. This section of The Smile Mentor gives you access to each appointment before the surgery, such as case planning, scanning and every other appointment I had to go through personally before the day of surgery. It wasn’t easy to commit to all the “personal and up-close” portion of this project but it was absolutely necessary to give you the FULL story and not a sales video. Each of the full videos in this series have the chapters already booked out for you if you are short on time.

My hope is this will fight the fear of unknowing along with impower you to choose the right doctor through knowing the things to look for and the right questions to ask. Cheers to starting your journey alongside mine.

Why the smile mentor thumbnail
  • Backstory (how I fell in love with the dentist)
  • Case Planning
  • Pre-Surgery Design – Scanning and Planning
  • 2 hours leading up to Surgery
  • Surgery
  • Immediately after Surgery
  • 24 Hours Post-Surgery for All-On-4 to 6 (Healing Set of Teeth Delivered)
  • 4 Week Appointment – Post-Surgery for All-On-4 to 6 Dental Implants
  • Scanning Appointment to Design Trial set of teeth (1st PMMA) after “All-On-4 to 6” Surgery
  • “Test Drive Teeth” Try in – 1st PMMA (Final Teeth Replica)
  • Scanning of PMMA after “Test Drive”
  • New Test Drive – 2nd PMMA Try In
  • In the Dental Lab – The Art and Technology in Designing My Teeth
  • Complete Assessment to Finalize Teeth Design
  • Final Delivery of My New Smile
  • Final Adjustments after 3 Weeks of Wearing my New Smile
  • 90 Days After – Was it worth it?

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Not for the faint of heart.

This is one of the most scary parts of the entire process, especially before you go through it. To know the battle before you go into it was the hope and desire by filming this. Many have asked, “Aren’t you going to be embarrassed?“ but for the sake of others, it’s worth it.

Why the smile mentor thumbnail



With the actual surgery in the “rear view”, what appointments follow? I wanted to help show you all the work and time requirement that is necessary for the “final set” of teeth”. What is a PMMA, why do I need so long for the scanning appointment, etc. All of these and more are answered as I bring you along to each appointment with us.


Scanning to Design Trial Set of Teeth [1st PMMA] After “All-On-4 to 6” Surgery

“Test Drive Teeth” Try In – 1st PMMA [Final Teeth Replica]

4 Week Appointment: Post-Surgery for All-On-4 to 6 Dental Implants

New Test Drive – 2nd PMMA Try In

DETAILED Assessment to Finalize “All-On-4 to 6” Teeth Design

Final Delivery of My New Smile

“ALL-ON-XPERT” TM Clinicians

We traveled across the entire country, to meet with some of the top minds and experts when it comes to this procedure. We’ve assembled them all here for you and give access to interviews, with unscripted questions. None of the clinicians had any script or preparation, which helps the genuineness of their answers. You will be blessed, through the shared wisdom and knowledge from these KOL’s
(Key Opinion Leaders)


How do I start looking? Where do I start researching? What questions should I ask when calling to interview a clinic? Are there important questions when interviewing each doctor? What happens after the surgery? What can I eat?

These are all questions that YOU need answers to. We have put together tools to help you on your journey, to encourage, protect and grow your confidence as a patient. You have the control and don’t forget that!

The Smile Mentor

The Smile Mentor
Learn To SMILE Again. Some people like to read about the journey from the beginning all the way to the “smile in the sunset”. If you would prefer to read the entire guide in one book, then here’s your chance. Enjoy and remember, “They work for you.”

All-On-4 / Dental Implants GuideYou know you have a challenge with your teeth, now where do you start to even know what the options are? “What to Google”, “How to read reviews”, “Things to avoid”, along with several other topics are covered here in this beginning stage of the journey to a new smile

The Smile Mentor

With so many dentists in the area, how do I start narrowing the playing field of TRUST? The part of the educational series helps you to invest time wisely on the front end, so you can narrow the options down to those dentists who deserve the opportunity of your time and trust.

The Smile Mentor
If you have followed step one and two of this series, now you find yourself with 3-5 clinics that are worth your time to go see. This is SO CRITICAL to be prepared for these consultations. What to look for, what to ask and how to sift out the BS. This should help you settle on a final decision.

The Smile Mentor
Now you’ve made your choice on the dentist that has earned your trust and confidence but now how do you prepare for surgery? What are the things to avoid and eliminate to help increase the possible success of the surgery? Do I need to be nervous? What can I eat after? All these topics and several others are found in this section of the Patients Guide.

The Smile Mentor | Scorecard

For some reason, you need help finding the dental board in your state. I’m pretty sure it’s not to grow your Christmas list so hear it from me, “I am genuinely sorry”. My family has had to go its share of challenges with dentists and hopefully you can work it out with yours. But if you need an additional source, here you go. You can locate your state in the SEARCH and just type in your state (with code or full spelling).



As a clinician who is currently using this modality for your patients or as one who is thinking about entering the All-On-X arena, I want to remind you of the great amount of power you possess! With that power comes a great deal of responsibility! The amount of impact you can have on a patient is almost indescribable. How many other medical procedures have the level of personal confidence at stake? A patient’s smile is a personal smile! They are not just another number to meet quota!



One size fits all, saying that we have heard many times but I’d just not the case. We interviewed additional experts, about some technologies and tools that can help assist in the healing, pain and maintenance of your new smile. I’m not going to lie, some of it seemed very weird to me before I pursued it but on the other side, I’m here to tell you, these are incredible tools and I pray it blesses you.

Stem Cell/Exosome Therapy for Dental Surgery

Outside the Box | Keith Moeller | Can Colloidal Silver / Silver Sol Reduce Dental Perio-Pockets?

Integrative Medicine and Holistic Dentistry


This community is for YOU! The patient! And for All-On-Xperts. Please take the time and JOIN this community and share your journey, your experiences with doctors and the emotions to encourage others and be encouraged. We are not alone!

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